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Monday   Closed        
Tuesdays    Open 2 pm- 8pm   Dinner   Canteen
Wednesdays   Open 4 pm - 10 pm   Dinner /Karaoke   Canteen
Thursdays   Open 2 pm - 8 pm   Dinner    Canteen
Fridays   Open 2 pm - 8 pm   Dinner    Canteen
Saturdays    Open 2 pm - 8 pm   Dinner /Karaoke   Canteen
Sunday    Open 1 pm - 8 pm   Dinner    Canteen



Starts about  8ish

                                    Get there early to get a good seat


Next Meeting

Thursday July 20 2023

Small Hall

Website updated June 24 2023

Fish Fry:    Sept 2023

Second friday in September

Dine in or Take out

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